Gina is the driven, passionate and charismatic founder behind NerdDNA – a platform dedicated to raising awareness on sustainable lifestyle alternatives! As someone who had the chance to visit poverty-stricken countries (she travels toKenya as a volunteer every year), as of 2016 she will be moving into Tanzania. Jeorgina’s world views and ideas on sustainable economy radically changed, to the point that she took it upon herself to help empower people to better life standard for today and for tomorrow. Helping people in need is not only part of Gina’s DNA but seems to be a hallmark of this generation.

Beading is a hobby that was picked up while traveling back and forth to Kenya on volunteer missions. Gifts received would be made from beads, but the best gift off all was learning the craft. After learning Gina fell in love her creations and designs and thought by sharing them with the world she would easily fund her volunteer missions without going the traditional route of begging and fundraising.

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